how to start investing in shares quora

A risk profile determines how aggressive someone is in making an investment, or one’s risk appetite. The first thing anyone wanting to start an investment portfolio should do is to answer a ... More

how to use wahl trimmer

Wahl stainless steel beard trimmer,fantastic product I purchased on recommendation of my hairdresser. Powerful unit with four hour running time and only one hr charge from dead flat ... More

how to study and market a medical device

The Provisions for Clinical Trials of Medical Devices were passed by the State Food and Drug Administration at the administration affairs meeting on December 22 of 2003, are hereby promulgated and shall go into effect as of April 1,2004. ... More

how to train your dragon 2 stan australia

All the New Movie Releases to Add to Your Watch List This Summer ... More

aqueous cream bp how to use

More information is available on glycerol + cetomacrogol aqueous cream including side effects, age restrictions, food interactions, whether the medicine is available at a government subsidised price on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) as well as other useful information. ... More

how to win counter strike 1.6

5/09/2017 This is best cheat to win every time. To win every time, go to Options>Keyboard>Advanced> and check "Developer's Console". Start a new Demolition game (de_dust is one), join the Terrorists. ... More

how to search someone on facebook without logging in

28/08/2012 · Facebook Search without logging in! Search Facebook Messages, People, Applications, Music, Video, Groups etc. For more it allows one to search for specific texts on the walls of Facebook subscribers en masse. ... More

how to start a story book

If the story is carrying your book, offer to sign stock. If they're not, be nice! Show them your book, tell them you live in the neighborhood, and ask them to carry it. These booksellers will be ... More

how to use beats mic on pc

How to record vocals to beats: Part 1. Posted on October 13, The absolute essentials are a computer, microphone, headphones and pop shield. What type of microphone do I need? To record vocals in the studio, most people opt to use a powered, condenser microphone. Typically, these microphones are mounted on a stand usually with a shock mount. They look distinctly different from ... More

how to use random number omnet++

Select cells randomly from a column with formula. As the following screenshot shows, you have a range of data from A1 to A15, the Rand and Index formula can help you display the random ... More

how to use a button whistle

To enable the quillable analog horn function using the Digitrax DT400. Press the "OPTN" button, then press "enter" twice. The display should read "Option 3=XXX", where xxx is a number, x01 for example. ... More

how to use terraria server

Authentication: TShock Terraria requires you have access to our web console to grant superadmin rights your users. First, boot up a copy of Terraria, as well as navigating to your GameServerKing's Game Server management panel. ... More

how to stop worms itching at night

Itchy Bum Hole: at Night, How to Cure, Crack, Worm, Bottom, Get Rid Fast A persistent need to scratch your bottom, also called pruritus ani, is a relatively common condition. There are a number of reasons why anal itching occurs and, it can be successfully treated. ... More

how to pay child support online in pa

Unless there is a written agreement stating otherwise, or the child is physically or mentally disabled, a parents requirement to pay child support terminates when their son or daughter turns 18, or graduates high school, whichever happens later. ... More

how to think of a title for creative writing

Also, you can use the following writing activities to help students develop four traits of creative thinking: fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. Fluency Writer and educator Dan Kirby states, Fluency is the first consideration. ... More

how to use yify subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is among the most visited subtitles sites. Navigation on the website is pretty handy – you can sort movies by genres and languages. You can also set favorite languages in the bar on the top of the website. The collection of subtitles are very impressive, too. ... More

how to write an essay analyzing a book

What order analytical write a book analysis paper, first read the what and then create an outline followed by the actual book analysis essay writing. First, how order to write a book analysis paper, you need to have to read the assigned how or how of your choice. This will enable you to analyze the book and better comprehend its book and negative attributes. You can find a book to read online ... More

how to write javascript code

The quickest way to start writing and executing a JavaScript code is to keep the code inline with the html file. Once finish writing JavaScript, use your browser to ... More

how to take armour thyroid twice a day

Thyroid comes as a tablet to take by mouth. It usually is taken once a day before breakfast. Take thyroid at around the same time every day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. ... More

little big lies how to watch australia

Lianne Moriarty’s book Big Little Lies has been turned into a seven-episode limited series that premieres on HBO this Sunday, February 19th. ... More

how to watch any nba game online free

25 Best Free Sports Streaming Websites 2019 (Updated New Sports Sites) Best live sports streaming sites to watch free online matches. WatchESPN – espn.go.com: Sports Streaming Site ; Now ESPN had perceived a great move by offering one of the best live streaming sites in a category of sports to watch online favorite sports. Users can watch any of their choice like hockey, football ... More

how to stop esophagus pain

Barrett’s esophagus is a condition in which the cells of your esophagus become like the cells of your intestines. It makes you more likely to develop esophageal cancer. It makes you more likely to develop esophageal cancer. ... More

how to work for wikipedia

A proof of work is a piece of data which is difficult (costly, time-consuming) to produce but easy for others to verify and which satisfies certain requirements. ... More

how to make a business partnership work

Eight ways to make corporate partnerships work for your charity Be creative and engage a company's employees to make your corporate partnership a success Felicity McLean ... More

how to set up genymotion for playing games

I can even play games on it. If you are keen to try out Android, test your apps, or just want to use it on your desktop, Genymotion can be a good option. If you are keen to try out Android, test your apps, or just want to use it on your desktop, Genymotion can be a good option. ... More

how to use winebottler for exe

8/06/2010 · Hello guys. I am new in mac world and in wine apps. I have this singular situation: I have a macbook with wine and winebottler installed. I want to use this exe app: azloader.exe. ... More

how to use amendment in a sentence

He did, however, oppose the amendment to halt the use of leghold traps on national wildlife refuges. We won a great victory with the resounding defeat of the proposed amendment . Since the postponed reading of the amendment , we've heard zilch from the government. ... More

space engineers how to turn off max ship size

Introduction. Written by Brian Finifter. The following is an introductory text on starship engineering. It is designed for Starfleet Academy freshman who have not been exposed to Subspace Mechanics, Hyperdynamics, or Fractal Calculus yet. ... More

how to wear a dungaree dress in winter

Denim meets dainty in this easy to wear dungaree dress. Team with your favourite tee for an effortless daytime look or with our tie front shirt for something a bit different. (We love the classic denim with one of our signature tees and the fuchsia pink pared back with our Grid Tee). * Crafted from a soft cotton blend ... More

how to study business law

The Masters of Business Law at Monash equips you with the skills to address the wide range of legal issues in contemporary business. See more. ... More

how to set auto to elite l2r

Overview. Welcome to the Lineage 2 Revolution(L2R) guide for new players! In this guide, we will go over all the things you need to know about the game. ... More

how to speak clearly without stammering

This gives a flow to their sentences and they are able to speak without any pause or break in between. Practice it for 2-3 months, it makes the cure an enjoyable ride. Practice it for 2-3 months, it makes the cure an enjoyable ride. ... More

how to take the first paragraph of wan wikipedia article

Human accelerated regions, first described in August 2006, are a Spirituality, belief or involvement in matters of the soul or spirit, is one of the many different approaches humans take in trying to answer fundamental questions about humankind's place in the universe, the meaning of life, and the ideal way to live one's life. Though these topics have also been addressed by philosophy, and ... More

how to turn off samsung phone when screen is broken

If the touchscreen of your Samsung Galaxy phone is broken, but you can still see the display, you can retrieve data from the phone by connecting it to another phone using a USB On The Go (USB OTG) device and a mouse. ... More

how to turn off google auto sync

How to Turn OFF Sync for Files you own in Google Drive? Google Drive allows you to choose which files and folders sync to your computer. If you want to keep your some files and documents from automatically syncing to the Google Drive folder on your computer, then you can turn off syncing. ... More

how to tell if ur rabbit is pregnant

The first 3 weeks of pregnancy are pretty much without signs (although if you think your bunny has had the chance to become pregnant by exposure to a male, she is most probably pregnant.) The 4th week and last in the pregnancy, your bunny will look for a safe place to make a nest and will begin to pull hair from her chest to line the nest and make it cozy for the babies. ... More

how to turn backup off on iphone

What youve done so far is turn of iCloud Drive. There are still apps that are using iCloud to sync and store data. Turn iCloud access off for each one of these apps. Lastly, turn off iCloud backup. ... More

how to set up gopro 5 as webcam

Next, set up the loop recording feature and you're good to go. The Hero3 can loop record in 5, 20, 60 or 120 minute files wherein it will record to the maximum time before starting a new save file ... More

how to write a cleaning business proposal

Most small business experts recommend writing a business plan for any new business, but it may not be necessary for a window cleaning business. ... More

how to use css class and id

Does this mean that you should only use IDs and classes? Well … not really. It depends. First, let’s cover how browsers interpret CSS selectors. ... More

how to stay conencted on cyber insurance

The cyber insurance market is flourishing owing to increase in demand for cyber insurance policies. The growth is attributed to the rise in cyber-attacks such as coordinated cyber-attack on regional energy distribution companies in Ukraine, system breach of the health insurer Anthem Inc., breach of the White House's unclassified network, and massive customer data breach faced by LinkedIn and ... More

how to show signficance on graphs apa

I've done a couple of things here that I suggest when working with complex plots. Pull out the custom formatting into a dictionary, it makes life simple when you want to change a parameter - and you can pass this dictionary to multiple plots. ... More

how to write a legal brief for dummies

Distinguish (1) a “brief” of a judicial opinion from (2) a “brief” filed with a court to advocate a particular position. The former is a synopsis of a document a court wrote to explain its decision. The latter is a document written by or in support of a party to a lawsuit and submitted to a court for the purpose of persuading the judge(s) to decide in the party’s favor. ... More

how to search movie by duration on neflix

1/02/2011 · In a recent AskMe question, bitdamaged estimated the high end might be up to 1.7GB per hour, and the thread disillusioned linked to cited a movie that was 3.1gb for … ... More

how to use chief architect

See more What others are saying "Configuring a Leica DISTO Device to Work with Chief Architect Software" "Use DISTO Transfer program, which may have come with your DISTO device, to enter values into a Chief Architect drawing." ... More

how to use dried kudampuli for weight loss

Raisins are one of the most popular dried products for weight loss. Containing iodine, they are a wonderful snack choice for low salt diets. 100 g of the product contain 299 kcal and only 0.5 g of fat. ... More

how to stop back pain at home

At-home back pain devices offer a drug-free way to reduce your back pain when you most need relief. Here are six types of at-home back pain devices that might work for you. Here are six types of at-home back pain devices that might work for you. ... More

how to train a dragon full movie online

Aquaman Full Movie Streaming Online in HD-720p Video Quality Aquaman Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2018) - Jason Momoa DC Comics Movie HD ☛ Aquaman Full Movie Streaming ... More

how to set alarm on a watch

Learn how to set alarm on your LG G Watch. You can speak to your watch to set an alarm. You can also set an alarm on your watch through the onscreen menu. Your watch and phone alarms are separate. When you add an alarm on your watch, it wont show up on your phone, and the other way around. When an ... More

how to study ecg graph

Show transcribed image text ECG. The entire graph represents() heart-beatts) The P wave is The QRS is The T wave is e Lightly shade the area of atrial systole and shade Ventricular systole with another color Prevent a ar K a on: An additional conductive pathway (electrical connection, so to speak) exists that bypasses the usual co The result is ... More

how to use incidental teaching for elaborating language

When to use Incidental Teaching An appropriate time for incidental teaching is when: • The adult has time to listen and respond to the child • The adult knows the chosen topic • The topic ... More

how to see draytek vigor connection speed in unifi usg

Security Gateway found in: Ubiquiti Networks USG-PRO-4 UniFi Security Gateway PRO Enterprise 4Port Router, Ubiquiti Networks AFI-R-3-AU AmpliFi HD Wi-Fi Router - 3x Bundle Pack, DrayTek Vigor3220n Quad WAN Security Firewall.. ... More

how to solve greeces financial crisis

... More

how to buy and sell stocks online malaysia

1) To build the mind-set of financial freedom which is the foundation of how to buy stocks in Malaysia, how to buy shares in Malaysia or world markets. 2) Ride on the plane which brings you to the destination of financial freedom. ... More

how to use a drench gun on cattle

Worms in Cattle . Whether you run a large commercial beef enterprise, operate a dairy, produce stud animals for sale or enjoy running cattle on smaller acreages, internal parasites can and do cost your enterprise in lost production, how much depends on your management. ... More

how to show your so you missed them

Its Missing You Day today, and whether you live in the same city, stay together or have a long distance relationship, knowing that youre missing them can always make them smile and feel special. ... More

how to use anti fog spray

For Use On: Sunglasses, Snowshoe and Ski Goggles, Snowmobile Visors, Hockey Visors, Shooting and Hunting Glasses, and Safety Glasses. Designed to work in most conditions, but if you need anti-fog or anti-frost protection in extreme cold, try our Sven Can See® Anti-Fog/Anti-Frost Xtreme Cold Spray Gel ... More

how to turn off vibration on d90

Select Vibration Intensity Now just select the button on the top left to turn off and disable vibrations on the Pixel and Pixel XL for good. You also may want to think about turning off vibrations for notifications and alerts as well. ... More

how to solve this with every step

Marcia has just opened her new computer store. She makes $27 on every computer she sells and her monthly expenses are $10,000. What is the minimum number of computer she needs to sell in a month to make a profit? ... More

how to use heat n bond ultrahold

HeatnBond® Ultrahold is a roll of paper backed, iron-on, No Sew, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without the need for pinning. Ultrahold’s no-sew bond is stronger than traditional fusible webs. ... More

how to write up a reciept in xero

Processing a minor underpayments in Xero. Here we are in Xero, and we have located the payment received, this is the payment received here, and we are going to come over to the right side and click on Find and Match. And here I have Find and Match and Im going to select the matching transaction, here is here on the left so I knew that was the matching transaction. And Im scrolling ... More

how to turn off samsung startup sound

14/02/2015 · In this video I will show you how to change the startup sound on Samsung devices. The new one for me is the S5. In this video I will show you how to change the startup sound on Samsung devices ... More

how to tell if your neon tetra is pregnant

i recently added 5 neon tetras to my 30l tank to make 9 tetras. The previous 4 had been in the tank for a week and were happy and healthly. since adding the extra, 3 have died in 48 hours. The fish do ... More

how to use hitching post ark

The Hitching Post is close to the Coeur d’Alene Park and beach as well as several golf courses. You can hike on Tubbs Hill, go swimming in Lake Coeur d’ Alene, try … ... More

how to wear beanies with short curly hair

"Curly Headband Hairstyles 25 short and curly hairstyles short curly hair curly and shorts peter andre hairstyle, Curly Headband Hairstyles, impressive Best Hairstyles in 2018 ideas" "having the great short haircut for naturally wild hair can be compelling. ... More

how to fight a speeding ticket in court and win

Is there a way to fight a speeding ticket without going to court. I received a ticket in Louisiana while traveling back to Georgia after a funeral. It will cost more for me to drive back to the Parish of Jefferson Davis in the Town of Welsh than to pay the fine. ... More

how to stop magical thinking

To directly overcome magical thinking and it's self-defeat, wishful thinking, and inaction, try these methods: (1) By learning to handle the uncomfortable feelings of Low Frustration Tolerance that emerge when going against the grain of magical thought. ... More

how to get job as train driver

Trainee train drivers vacancies are rarely advertised. And when they arise TOCs usually tend to look for qualified drivers from other companies or do internal recruitment first. ... More

how to take back off iphone 4

Figure 2 • Now remove the two Phillips screws from the bottom of the phone (as shown in figure 2) using a small Phillips Screwdriver. After the removal of these two screws you can take off the back cover ... More

bash how to use expr

Hi Greens8301, For the most part, unix does treat leading zeros as an indication that the value is an octal number. No different than the 0x indicating that the value is hex. ... More

how to use nitro tech ripped

When to use Nitro-Tech Ripped Nitro-Tech Ripped can be used the same way and at the same times you have used other protein powder supplements before. The best times for using Nitro-Tech Ripped is mid morning, mid afternoon, and also after any of your training sessions. ... More

how to get motivated to start jogging

The way you start your day can have a big impact on how you spend the rest of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to get motivated in the morning and … ... More

how to send tax return by post

To submit tax return, please send to us by post to GPO Box 132, Hong Kong or submit in person during office hours to our office (Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wanchai). You may also use our return envelope to send back your tax return. ... More

how to turn on keep inventory 1.12

Keep Inventory. Table of Contents; This plugin was designed for the server staff team or VIP players. Simply give the group the keepitems permission and they will keep their items and armor on death, optinal exp too. This is perfectly if you dont want to use the gamerule "keepInventory" since this would affect everyone in the set world. Support&Questions / Bugs / Feature Requests. If you have ... More

how to tell if your drunk or tipsy

If you know you are going to be drinking some alcohol, make sure you eat a substantial meal before to avoid any alcohol you do drink going straight to your head. Pace yourself . Make sure you drink at your own pace you wont win any prizes by keeping up with your ... More

how to use parsley to induce period

Parsley is a mild emmenagogue (an herb which stimulates menstruation), it works like a charm for starting menstruation when pregnancy is not the cause for delay. ... More

how to stop icicles from forming on gutters

11/02/2014 Heat escaping through your roof, melting snow, and the water running down away from the heat source and freezing at the eaves is what causes ice, ice damns, and icicles. Ice on gutters icicles ... More

how to set liquid foundation

17/01/2013 · Hi everyone. Im new to MAC foundations. I normally use bare minerals but wanted to try a liquid foundation. So i went with MAC studio fix liquid. ... More

how to use file.io

10/01/2019 · It is also possible to use a str or bytes-like object as a file for both reading and writing. For strings StringIO can be used like a file opened in text mode. BytesIO can be … ... More

how to tell if iphone is unlocked sprint

Here is the step by step instructions on how to Unlock Sprint USA iPhone 8 via iTunes so you can use it with any compatible GSM carrier worldwide. We provide a fast, easy and secure way to unlock phones with the lowest price guaranteed. Factory Unlock iPhone 8 Sprint USA at Codes2unlock.com. ... More

how to teach autistic child math

Boundaries are important for your child because autistic children sometimes have a difficult time understanding even the most basic rules. According to helpguide.org, you can help your child understand boundaries by using visual cues, such as colors that represent things that are okay and that are dangerous. For example, you can teach your child that red means no and place red tape or red ... More

arma 3 how to start game as zeus

Once you've placed a regular unit, it gives you the option of another category (as in BLUFOR,OPFOR etc.) called Game Logics, and under that is a category called Virtual Entities which contains Zeus and Headless Clients. ... More

how to see which weapon riven mod is for

Warframe riven mods price keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website ... More

how to work a ninja blender 1500 watts

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System provides power and performance with a 72-ounce blender pitcher, 8 cup food processor, 3 16 ounce Nutri Ninja cups, as well as 1500 watts and 2 horsepower to handle all of your drink and meal making needs. The XL 72 ounce blender pitcher features Total Crushing technology that crushes through ice and frozen fruit to create creamy frozen drinks and smoothies with ... More

how to start off a biography report

Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site I would shy away from starting off your essay with someone else's thought. Try to think of an engaging first sentence that makes the reader think you have something interesting to say. onomatomaniak Dec 7 '11 at 11:56. as a young writer i find it more easy to begin an essay with a quote !!!!! mainly as some may contradict it is ... More

how to buy and sell clothes online

16/10/2018 Before you buy any wholesale clothing, make sure that you know what the sellers sale and return policies are. You dont want to be stuck with a bunch of clothes that you cant sell, so ask the wholesaler questions if they allow returns and what the terms are before purchasing anything. ... More

how to use a shark professional steam mop

In contrast to the Shark Light & Easy, which uses only steam to clean and sanitize floors, I chose a model of steam mop that employs both steam (heat) and spray cleanser (chemicals), the Shark® PRO Steam and Spray™ Mop. Steam mops typically generate steam at more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that will kill most microbes. ... More

how to read and understand the holy bible

14/10/2014 · The Bible Unlocked Neither Jew Nor Greek Deception Galatians - Duration: 29:20. YAHUAH'S BRIDE FROM THE TRIBE OF YAHUDIM 18,972 views ... More

how to use clownfish for skype on mac

22/03/2014 So I have downloaded clownfish(the version for Mac)and i don't know why it's not working :( I dragged the emoticon into Applications and it's showing up at the right corner of the screen like its supposed to,but when i click on it, it only says: -Disable(or Enable if I turn it off) -Hide Original... show more So I have downloaded ... More

how to use a digital projecter with a mac

With ten minutes to go before my presentation, I could not get the laptop to recognize the projector. I checked and re-checked the cable, the DisplayPort<->VGA adapter, restarted both projector and laptop. ... More

firefox cache viewer how to use

Internet browsers use caching to store HTML web pages by storing a copy of visited pages and then using that copy to render when you re-visit that page. ... More

how to change default search engine on mac

26/05/2012 If you mean the built in search window at the top right of Safari, yes... just click the arrow to the left to see the choices in my screen cap. ... More

how to train your baby to sleep at night

Sadly, all the sleep training i put to work with my baby has achieved a baby who can go to sleep herself- but she still wakes up many times a night. Shes just about 10 months. She doesnt need night feeds or whatever, i weaned her too from those. At this point it is probably seperation anxiety, can kinda tell… but the fact is that i did everything right and there was only one or two nights ... More

how to use baquacil pool chemicals

CLOSE the Pool – Winterizing a pool that WILL be covered during the winter 1. Top-up the Baquacil Sanitizer to reach 50ppm using the Top-Up Dosage Chart Instructions on back. ... More

how to take a break up gracefully

Take some time for yourself, and allow yourself heal. Go workout, grab some lunch with friends and relax for a couple days. Then, when you're ready, forgive him and move forward. ... More

wireshark how to see frame size

3-way handshake, Receive Window Size of Client is critical, Reset a Connection Overview of important TCP-Parameters Window Size, Round Trip Time, Maximum Segment Size, Maximum Transfer Unit, Socket Parameter ... More

how to tell the year hobie outback

30/09/2018 · This on the water demo was awesome and I'm in love with the 2019 Hobie Outback! What color do yall think I should get? Is it worth all the excitement around it? ... More

how to make cursor stay on 1 monitor when gaming

I was thinking this function could be implemented, if the cursor is a the top border of a monitor for X seconds (if set to zero, the jump immediately), DF could use a ratio of the screen position (i.e. 68% from left corner to the right) to make the mouse jump to the bottom border of the second ... More

how to set a combination lock

A: Here are the instructions on how to reset the combination on your backpack lock (which is pre-set at the factory to open to combination 0-0-0): ... More

how to use 7zip to extract rar files

Extracting Archive or Split Files with 7-zip. ok some downloaders are asking questions on how to extract archive files like .rar or .zip or .7z. and some downloaders are asking questions on how to deal with split files this are files that are in .001, .002, etc file extensions. so im gonna explain this questions to lessen the amount of repetitive answers we will use 7-zip program and im gonna ... More

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how to write complex relationships

not vey good structure. need to have more quotes, and evidence of how relationships strengthen or limit belonging. intro and conclusion were too long, i dont know how this got 14. i would give it a 10, it lacks depth and tends to retell the story.

how to use raw king size roller

RAW 2-Way King Size Eco Rolling Machine . Great. Great product easy to use . charles. RAW Glass Rolling Tray Frosted Ice . Ice Glass. Nice piece of glass! Better than metal. Timothy. RAW Prepare for Flight Small Rolling Tray . Great product . Been wanting some raw rolling trays, bought one tray, I loved it so much I ended up buying 3 different designed trays.. very good quality

how to use naloxone nasal spray

When it comes to NARCAN nasal spray itself, this form of naloxone is especially beneficial due to its ease of administering the drug. As of now, there are only three FDA-approved formulations of naloxone: an injectable form, an autoinjectable form, and the prepackaged nasal spray (of which NARCAN is the only one on the market currently).

how to understand 24 hour time

And that the US population in general uses 12-hour format, to such extent that 24-hour time is commonly called military time here, as that's the only place a lot of the public hears it being used. I have several friends who have no idea how to read 24-hour time. – bogardpd Dec 2 '16 at 13:17

how to take esxi server backup

PTC Integrity Our longstanding partnership with PTC Integrity allows us to offer a complete best-in-class service portfolio. LicenseMiner The smart way to take

how to set up a 5 year plan

Stalin's Five-Year Plan was a road map for a great campaign of forced industrialization. It was a rather ambitious set of goals that Stalin and his followers drew up in 1927. The plan called

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